DX COR is a chemical product for removing mill scale completely off the hot-rolled metal surfaces. This product is a complete alternative for abrasive metal processing (sandblasting, blasting or other complicated process).

DX COR is sold in liquid form and in a contact with a metal surface works as a scale dolvent and remover.

When working with Corten steel, you need to know that all sheets up to 2 mm are cold-rolled (Corten A) and have no hard scale on the surface and the sheets of more than 3 mm are hot-rolled (Corten B) and have a scale that must be removed in order for Corten steel to oxidize and create a patina (rich orange colour).

This surface scale is a real headache to all manufacturers of Corten products. It is bluish-black colour and usually is less than 1 mm thick. Scale layer is formed in a factory by hot-rolling and when the metal is cooling down. The layer attaches to the metal very firmly and pretects it from erosion for some time.

Working with Corten leads to a problem that all end customers want the products of this steel to be without the protective layer, so that it could oxidize and rust in a wanted rich orange colour and would be smooth, homogeneous and without scurf.

If this hard layer is not removed, the Corten steel oxidize very slowly kept outdoors. Patina appears naturally in different places (breaking through the scale layer). Its colour usually is dark and the whole product seems dirty (because it has a lot of scale stains). It takes months for the product to oxidize fully in outdoor conditions and even then it will not look as nice as it would if it was processed in its initial state.

Today abrasive processing (sandblasting, blasting, polishing and others) is the most popular way of removing scale. These solutions are expensive, inconvenient, ineffective and often damaging for the product.

That is why most of the manufacturers agree that LineaCor created d-x Cor scale solvent is quite a revolutionary novelty. This product allows to process and prepare Corten steel for the final usage without any significant financial or human recourses cost. Of course, this solvent can be used by the end customers if they buy a Cotren product from unexperienced manufacturers and want the product to be smooth and without any factory caused stains. Working with d-x COR product requires knowing the process and safety requirements, reading all instructions and recommendations. Technical card and working instructions are attached in a PDF file for downloading.

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Capasity: 1 L
Price: 35 EUR with tax 

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