Act-COR is a chemical product and is used to initiate the rusting process in a record time (2-3 hours). It is a high quality innovative product that will help to achieve a wanted professional result on the Corten metal surface.

Act-COR patina activator can only be used on a clean and prepared surface. If Corten steel is cold-rolled (Corten A), it is enough to thoroughly degrease it and clean all dirt. If Corten steel is hot-rolled (Corten B), it is necessary to degrease it and remove the mill scale layer.

It is recommended to use this product with a nozzle for maximum effect. If you want to get different rusting tones, you might need to cover the surface more than once. You might need to wait until the surface is completely dry after the first spray (2-3 hours). Drying time depends on environment or climate conditions.

Tip: Please read the technical description carefully before using the product. Incorrect usage of this product might cause unexpected issues

Capasity: 1 L
Price: 45 EUR with tax

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