Bz-COR is a quality polish for the final processing and indoor usage of Corten steel. It is used after stopping the rusting process and fixation.
This polish is semi-gloss and creates a protective layer that stops the product from becoming stained and smooths the whole surface (it can be used on a variety of furniture, walls, ceiling, decorating and many other surfaces).

Easy application and fast drying process
One of the most important bz-COR features is a particularly fast drying process. It is really important to let the metal properly dry out after stopping the rusting process (wait 24 hours), also make sure environment is not too moist when using the polish.
If you want a product to have some extra protection and solidity (e.g. to polish the surfaces for outdoor conditions), you will need to use additional polishes.

TIP: Please read the technical description carefully before using the product. Incorrect usage of this product might cause unexpected issues.

Capasity: 1 L
Price: 32 EUR with tax

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