Like liquid act-Cor rust activator, this gel-based agent is designed for hardening metal and Corten steel surfaces. The gel is green in color and has a fairly dense texture, making the surface coating easier to control. This product is highly recommended for vertical surfaces such as ceilings, walls, steep surfaces and hard-to-reach areas in general (because the applied gel does not run and remains intact where the rust effect is desired).

This product can also be used to „harden” products and create textures on the surface. When applied with additional coats, they stick to each other, so the product requires a longer than usual drying time. The gel can be applied with a spatula, roller or brush (optional) to achieve a greater rust-building effect. In this way, unique finishes and patterns are easily created. With the help of this gel, it is possible to over-rust surfaces that have already been rusted, giving them a lighter tone. Using act – Cor gel, the desired orange color (primary oxidation color) can be achieved, which is usually extremely difficult to obtain due to factors such as: moisture, untreated slag, sheet thickness, etc .; even when using a liquid act-Cor activator.

Another feature of this product is that a much less greasy layer of rust forms on the surface than on surfaces that have been exposed to the sprayed act-Cor liquid. Even if the gel is left unfixed with bp-Cor, the product will be less lubricating.

VERY IMPORTANT: The storage and use temperature of this product is 10-25C. Exceeding these temperatures can cause the product to become liquid. Please read the technical description of the product consistently to make sure that it is used accurately and safely.

Price: 30 Eur with VAT (capacity 0.5 L)

Coverage yield ~ 7 m2

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