Bp-COR is a product used to prevent oxidation, designed to stop the rusting processes on the Coren metal surfaces when rusting is initiated with the help of acrt-COR. The oxidation process is stopped and the product becomes stainless, smooth and can be used for indoor use (for walls, flooring, decorating, etc.) or for outdoor use if the recommended polish is applied to achieve a complete protection of the product and different gloss tones, etc.

Bp-COR is a concentrated liquid emulsion. Before usage, it has to be diluted in ½ water (avoid water that is high in calcium).
The product looks milky when used but loses any colour after drying out. The final result has a thin layer that can darken a little bit the initial artificially induced rusting tones.

TIP: Please read the technical description carefully before using the product. Incorrect usage of this product might cause unexpected issues.

Capasity: 0.5 L
Price: 25 EUR

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