This polyurethane varnish consists of two components in a ratio of 10: 1; it is a transparent medium-viscosity / viscosity varnish with a very short drying time between coats. This product forms an extremely strong layer on Corten steel surfaces that are stored outdoors. Perfectly adheres when applied on bz-Cor varnish, leaving a smooth / even velvety surface.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read the Technical Specifications and Safety Instructions for the product to ensure proper use and to understand how the product is to be used and to achieve the desired result in accordance with safety and environmental standards.

Please make sure that bz-COR POLYURETHANE SAT-EX is used for CORTEN steel that is cold rolled or for hot rolled CORTEN steel that has been sandblasted.

Before using any varnish, it is necessary to stop the oxidation with bp-Cor fixative, leaving the surface to dry for at least 48 hours. Depending on the type of varnish, bz-Cor varnish must be used first, which acts as a film between the surface (oxidation + fixation) and the chosen varnish. In this case, always use bz-COR varnish first, then bz-COR POLYURETHANE SAT-EX.

Capacity: 1 L

Price: 49 Eur with tax

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