bz-COR Nature mat is a high-quality varnish for the final treatment of Corten steel and indoor use of the product. It is used after stopping and locking the rusting process.

This varnish is matte and applied will form a protective layer that will prevent the product from smearing and smooth the entire surface (suitable for use on various furniture, walls, ceilings, decorations and many other surfaces).

Easy to use and fast drying process.

One of the most important properties of bz-COR Nature mat varnish is the extremely fast drying process. It is very important that the metal is allowed to dry well (wait 24 hours) after the rust has stopped, and that there is not much moisture in the environment during the application of the varnish.

If you want to give the product even more protection and hardness (for example, varnishing surfaces for outdoor conditions, additional varnishes should be chosen).

TIP: Please read the technical description carefully before using the product. Improper use of this product may result in unintended consequences.

Capacity: 1 L

Price: 42 Eur with tax

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