Rusting agents

CORTEN is structural steel that, due to its features and the environment impact, rusts in rich orange colour. The rust changes in time creating a protective layer (patina) and the product becomes timeless.

This process is rather long and since this steel is rapidly becoming popular worldwide, more and more architects, manufacturers and designers faces various problems: how to speed up the colour separation? How to make the surface of the Corten evenly smooth or textured? How to maintain the colour? How to make the product stainless? How to prepare the metal for inside use without a long processing outside? And many other similar issues…

To solve these problems, manufacturers often improvise and use ineffective, expensive and frequently domestic solutions that rarely result in any benefit and can damage the metal making its colour look uneven and non-homogeneous.

Finally, we have solutions for all CORTEN steel processing and applying cases. In this section, we introduce chemical products for Corten steel processing to make it look the way you want.

We are the official representatives of LineaCor product line in Lithuania. This line is manufactured in an innovative “Oxidacion Vidmetal” factory that specializes in chemical products for processing Corten steel.

Before choosing below listed chemical products, read carefully their descriptions and instructions, learn about the features of Corten steel (E.g., What is the difference between hot and cold-rolled Corten sheets) and what is the order of using LineaCor products, etc.

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