Fence No.10 consists of separate different planar parts. They are cut with a laser according to the drawing and 20 mm of their edges are folded with a press for the stiffness. It is a solid and architecturally stylish fence. Separate elements of the fence are joined together in the lower part of the steel strip, which makes the fence installation easier. The joined fence sheets are concreted into the concrete base, so the elements of the fence visually seem unrelated, but the fence itself looks solid.

Technical information: made of Corten B steel; metal thickness is 3 mm; parts measure from 50 to 250 mm in different areas; bending edge is 20 mm; fence heights may vary; all welding works are made with a special Corten steel wire.

If you choose this fence, we will match and manufacture sliding or double gates and access gates. We perform the installation work for fences, gates, automation, access control.
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