This fence is elegant and matches perfectly any building design. It is made by welding together Corten steel strips into one solid frame. Asymmetrically placed strips add uniqueness to the landscape. The fences are transparent and do not block the light. This kind of fence can be mounted to any kind of poles or columns.
Technical information: made of Corten B steel; inner strip 3×60 mm; frame 3×80 mm; fence height 1200 or 1500 m; all welding works are made with special Corten steel wire; Corten steel is produced according to “US steel corporation” license and meets the requirements of EN100255: 2004.

If you choose this fence, we will match and manufacture sliding or double gates and access gates. We perform the installation work for fences, gates, automation, access control.

Not the product you are looking for? The entire range of Cor-ten steel fences can be found on the product page “Metal fences.”

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