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Corten Steel Features

Corten steel is a structural steel that is resistant to environmental impact and has similar features to stainless steel. Corten steel is exclusively produced under U.S Steel Corporation’s license and is characterized by high resistance to climatic corrosion, which is achieved by mixing small amounts of chromium, copper and nickel into the steel. This steel can be used without any protection in the open air, where the steel surface is constantly exposed to changing weather conditions, i.e. the surface is constantly getting wet and drying. A protective layer of patina is then formed on the surface of this steel. In other words, steel can rust and this rust becomes its protective coating.

This steel is not only modern but also highly resistant to weather conditions. The subtle brown patina-coated metal surface is different significantly from painted or other surfaces in its practicality (it does not require cleaning, repainting, etc.) and resistance to corrosion. Due to the elements used for the alloying of steel, the patina is dense and almost oxygen proof. If this steel often gets wet and then dries, its use is only prolonged.

The changes of Corten steel surface within the years:

Corten Steel is an amazing material that is used in more and more gardens and urban spaces around the world, its unique look (rich orange color) and naturally oxidizing surface make it highly desirable for many architectural projects. This steel is often used for landscape architecture, facades, fences, garden lights and many other outdoor areas. The use of this metal solves many problems – there is no need to fear that the paint will over time be affected by the corrosion (which very often happens after the use of painted metals) and become non-functional (which often happens to poorly prepared outdoor products) or that it will become boring and out of style (Corten’s metal color is constantly changing), that it will become low-quality (this metal will only intensify over time – the exiting patina closes the metal pores and prevents it from corrosion).

There is also a great potential for the use of this steel in the interior (indoors), but in this case Corten steel must be treated with special agents (see section „Rusting agents”).

You can easily find examples of various ways of how to use this steel by entering keywords such as Corten products, Corten design, and more in the Google image system.

Although this steel is more suited for outdoor use (the rain and the drying process make the surface of the steel change and rust), recently people have been choosing to have this rusting effect to the interior (furniture parts, wall details, fireplace bases, etc.). It is to be understood that without permanent steel wetting and drying outside, the rusting effect will not occur. However, this can be achieved with special chemicals when the metal is first coated with a rusting activator and, when the patina layer is formed, polish is applied for indoor use.

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