Perforated Corten Sheets

Perforated sheets are widely used in areas such as decoration elements, partitions, fences, balcony railings, landscape solutions, fireplace decoration, also in contemporary architecture – facade and interior decoration, furniture design and many other innovative areas.

It’s not just a perforated metal, it’s a contemporary design and unlimited use! Sheets with holes – cover what you need to hide, transmit the light, allow to breathe, ventilate and at the same time give you modernity.

Perforated sheets are multifunctional materials of their own, but Corten’s steel properties give them absolutely new possibilities. The longevity and evere-changing colors of the metal make it possible to create what other metals do not.

Perforation of the sheets we offer can be varied: round, square or oblong, different mesh sizes and layouts. Sheet thickness – 1.5 mm, sheet size – 1500 × 3000 mm.

For wider application of perforated sheets, we can offer a variety of processing services (cutting, folding, rolling or welding), which will make it easier to achieve the desired result.

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