Corten Steel Sheets

We run a retail business of Corten steel.

We always keep Corten steel sheets of different thicknesses and sizes in stock.

Sheet thicknesses available for sale: 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm.

For your convenience, you can buy even the smallest amount of Corten steel you want.

Read about the advantages and applicability of this metal in the section “About Corten Steel and if you run out of ideas, you can always get them from the global practice that is widely available on the Internet.

For your convenience, we offer all sheet steel processing services that will make it easier to reach the desired end result. We can:

  • Cut the sheet to the desired width and height;
  • Cut the desired detail or inscription using plasma cutting machine;
  • Bend the edges with hydraulic bending machines;
  • Use rolling machines to make a circle or an oval;
  • Do the welding work.

For more information about these services please go to the section Metal Processing Services”.

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