We offer Corten steel edging with various ornaments on its top part for those who are looking for an original and exceptional way to shape and decorate their landscape. It helps to create an individual landscape in a stylish and playful way. There are eight types of edging presented in our visualisations that can easily fit various elements of architecture and gardens or yards and blend into the dominant style of the landscape.
The ornamental edging is rolled out of a solid 3 mm Corten steel. We offer a standard one height (20 cm) and one length (1.5 m) edging.
The points in the landscape that bend need to have special corner edging. It is important to be careful when choosing a type of corner edging (exterior or interior) and to make a right evaluation of the corner you want to shape.
The construction of the edging that we have created is very strong and can be quickly and easily fitted. It does not require any special skills or equipment. Galvanized studs are hammered into the ground manually and connected to the edging with a help of screws. Before hammering the studs, check the surface for slopes and roughness. We recommend using the method of “tight rope” that will help to hammer the studs evenly down to the right level. Next step is connecting edging to the studs with the screws.
We do not recommend hammering the edging into the ground with connected studs as it can affect and damage the edging.
For pricing and accurate calculations, please contact us via phone or e-mail. We will gladly explain everything and make our best offer as well as assess a specific project.
Design a stylish landscape with a long-lasting Corten steel of intense orange colour.

Ending h-20 cm1.5 m
Corner h-20 cm19×19 cm

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