Introducing a complete innovation in the Corten steel market: we can now offer you pipes of various diameters and dimensions, which we manufacture ourselves with the help of complex processes. As only Corten sheet steel has been available so far (worldwide), the pipes are particularly unstoppable in Corten steel applications: architecture, interior design, landscape design, various indoor and outdoor products, and more. We produce Corten steel pipes according to individual orders. Below are the possible pipe dimensions and wall thicknesses, if you do not find the right one for you, we are ready to consider and adapt to your project. Square. Rectangles.


Square pipes 1 mm 1.5 m
50×50 + +
60×60 + +
100×100 + +
120×120 + +
Rectangular pipes 1 mm 1.5 m
20×80 +
20×100 +
Rectangular pipes 1 mm 1,5 mm
40×80 +
40×100 +

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