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During the 14 years of the company’s existence, step by step we have been pursuing our goals in designing and metalworking to make your dreams come true. During this period we were involved in many projects which show that customers stay satisfied and recommend us to their colleagues or partners. Our uniqueness is that we design and manufacture most of our products ourselves (over 30 employees work in our manufactory), so we can easily adapt to any object. For your convenience and easier decision making, we have created a beautiful and high-quality product lines.  But if you still cannot find a product you like, we will be glad to design a new model and we will consult with your architect.

We are a big team of motivated people and we care that the customer would stay satisfied with the final result.  We are proud of our past and we take a brave step forward. We love our work, so we believe we will be able to fulfill your ideas!

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Elektrenu str. 1, Kaunas

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